Nottoway Cultural Center - Nottoway History

Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia, Inc. - Cultural Center
Nottoway History - From BarterThe Nottoway wanted to illustrate tribal history at their Cultural Center in Capron, Virginia. They divide their history into three periods: "From Barter, To Buffer, To Be." Each period is identified by a distinct background color that bleeds into the adjacent color as historical events occurred. These colors flow across the panels and softly divide the timelines.

Nottoway History

Documents scanned from originals, historical paintings, and map illustrations are all rendered with the text. Recent photos were provided by the tribe, and illustrate events at their annual powwow in Surry County, VA.

Nottoway Cultural Center - Nottoway Today

Text and visual images were reproduced on a vinyl sheet and applied to a 1/8" aluminum substrate. The aluminum sheets hover off the wall with hidden wooden frames. Some panels overlap, adding more dimension to the display.