Surry County Chamber of Commerce Kiosk
Surry County Chamber of Commerce KioskThe Chamber needed to have a visual presence at all Surry County events, and often finds it difficult to have Chamber members present to interact with visitors. The solution was a three-sided kiosk that allows visibility on all sides, or unfolds to form a wall display when space is limited.County history is illustrated on the front panel, a county map highlights the major visitor attractions, and one panel displays general business ads.

The artwork is printed on a vinyl sheet with a 5/16" PVC board for sustrate. It can withstand light rain or moisture for temporary exterior use and will not fade in sunlight. Each panel is connected using brass door hinges that can easily be separated by removing the pins. "L" shaped brackets on the bottom of each panel allow it to be pegged for stability.

Surry County Chamber of Commerce Kiosk unfolded